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To purchase individual laces you can either visit our Gallery Store or catch us at one of the art or alpaca shows we will be exhibiting at in 2014 (SHOWS)

If you own a boutique or farm store and wish to place a wholesale order (minimum order of $400 on Laces), please contact us to create a wholesale account and discuss the color/style options available.


Frequently Asked Questions:

      What sizes do the Laces come in?

  • We currently have two sizes.  Long +/_ 6 feet and short +/_ 4 feet.  With new batches we plan to only offer one size of 4.5 feet.


     What colors are available

  • Naturals (greys, blacks, browns, fawns and creams)
  • Hand dyed jewel and earth tones.  Because each batch is hand dyed, colors vary.  It is best to pick them out in person, or if you open a wholesale account we will send you a sample color chart.

       Can I pick out the stones on the bottom?

  • Artists pick (The beads will always match/compliment the color of the lace and be one of a combination of the following:  semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, copper, pewter, brass or sterling charms, felted alpaca beads).
  • Owl Laces ( a hand sculpted owl head bead will be at the bottom of one end of the Lace.  It will be a complimenting color to the Lace and also accented with semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, and/or felted alpaca beads).

     What is available for wholesale purchase?

  • All Laces
  • Boot Laces/bracelets
  • Silk scarves

     What is not available at wholesale prices?

  • earrings (at this time, this could change in the future)
  • custom pins & pendants (this could change in the future)

   * we will give a quantity discount for custom orders, please contact us for details.

     How much do I have to spend to get wholesale prices?

  • $400 minimum on any combination of Laces, boot laces, silk scarves or bracelets (can not combine with  earrings or custom pins and pendants)

    If  I want a custom made pin or pendant, how do I order?

  • Email us at or call us at (706) 897-2379. We will be pleased to work with you on a special piece just for you.

    I want to shop now!

While currently we do not sell our Lace (LOL) products online, you are welcome to visit Jackie or Holly's personal etsy stores and shop for other fun hand crafted products.

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